Monday, April 16, 2012

Love of My Life

7 Years ago today I married my best friend and the most wonderful person you could ever meet.

I don't think I've ever really shared my story here about the "Wait" that I had on my life's journey to meet the man I would marry someday.
Being a christian my entire life I grew up with a strong belief and conviction that the man I would marry would be a man who loves God with all his heart. That was a given and I never wanted less than that.
As a young christian woman it was not only about finding the right man but about making sure I didn't compromise my convictions  in the process of finding him.  There were a few guys before Aaron that I thought would be potential but time and again realized that I didn't want to settle for my best , I wanted God's best for me.

There were times I got angry with God because the wait was so long and difficult for me.  I would see girls younger than me in relationships, married, and having babies and here I was on the verge of 32 with no one in my life. 
I remember having a talk with my friend's dad one day and he encouraged me to have 3 core must have's when deciding who I would seriously date and eventually marry. 

Loving God was a given so here are actually 4 core qualities/must-haves I was looking for
#1 Someone who would make me laugh!
#2 Someone who came from a healthy family unit ( I wanted minimal dysfuntion- LOL)
#3 A man who was musical and who would sing to me.
#4  I wanted to marry someone who I was friends with first. 

These were my 4 must haves and I knew I would stick to them.  Whenever I met a potential guy and he didn't have these 4 things I knew I had to keep looking. It wasn't easy but  these were what helped me stay on course.
I want to mention to that surrounding myself with encouraging friends, being plugged into my church and being involved in serving others helped me deal with my feelings of loneliness. Having these key friendships and avenues to pour my life into are what helped me to stay centered.  I am so thankful for that!

In early 2003 I had a clear impression of God speaking to my heart. I distinctly remember Him telling me that that year of 2003 was going to be  a big year of change for me. I had an inkling that it had to do with a relationship.  Sure enough in August of 2003 that was the month that Aaron (my friend of 2 years) told me he had feelings for me and that's when it all started. 

 Here's my crazy guy who makes me laugh and brings so much joy to my heart!

Not Aaron's real hair BTW!
To know him is to love him!

Our first married year together!
 Now the one thing I didn't mention is that Aaron and I have an age difference between us.  Aaron is 6 years 3 months my junior.  I joke with Aaron that this is why God had me wait for him for so long because when I was 21 years old he was only 15!  That would not have been legal!   God's timing is perfect!  Happy Anniversary to my love and awesome dad to our boys!